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200 voitures / 380 places

Disponible 24h/24

How it works?

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    On the website or the mobile app, book a car and a parking spot for free in just a few clicks.
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    Unplug a Bluecub available in more than 100 stations located in le Grand Bordeaux.
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    The Bluecub is an electric vehicle with an automatic transmission and particularly easy to drive.
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    On arrival at station, you just have to plug the Bluecub to end your rental.

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Discover Bluely app and its features which facilitate the use of the service:

  • Find out more about our offers, our fees, our stations located in le Grand Lyon...
  • Subscribe to one of our offers: Bluely 1 Year, Pro Package, Recharge ...
  • Find the closest EV from you on the interactive map.
  • Reserve your dedicated parking spot until 60 minutes in advance.
  • Contact the Customer Service from the app through in-app messaging.
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Bluecub 1 an
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  • Tarif d'utilisation
  • Droit d'accès
  • Bluecub 1 An

  • 0,22€/min*
  • 4€/moisSoit 48€/an
  • Bluecub Jeune(18-27 ans)

  • 0,15€/min*
  • 1€/moisSoit 12€/an
  • 1 semaine

  • 0,32€/min*
  • 0€

*Les 15 premières minutes de location sont indivisibles

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